Rates for hunting Snow-Geese, Canada-Geese and Ducks during Spring and Autumn , Prices for half day
From  01/03  to 31/05

1 hunter  - 200 $/half day

180 $ per person/ day.

For musky 180$/pers/day two fisherman at time maximum

Family packages:
Two adults and one child under 12 : $400/day
Two adults and two children under 12 : $450/day

I do not fish only in the Montmagny region.  However, if there are very long distances to be travelled in order to reach our distination, an adjustment in the cost will be asked.

Happy Fishing !

NEW!    Remember on DVD.

For a light supplement, we will offert a dvd to remember your day of fishing or hunting that we will forward to you by the post office

$10 rebate for members of
l'Association des Sauvaginiers de la grande région de Québec

*The hunter must own or rent a rifle, buy his/her munitions and his/her lunch.
Dressed in camouflage is obligatory.

*Les participant doivent avoir en leur possession tout les permis en vigueur pour participer au activité de chasse et peche.*