Hunting is ideal from September to December.  It all depends on the temperature and the arrival of snow.  Farming country and the arrival of geese! hunting ducks is part of our catch and more and more the duck is forever present in the fields and hunting is bountiful.

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 Hunting autunm 2012 clip

 Hunting spring 2012 clip

sea duck clip

Autumn 2011

Spring 2011

Autumn 2010

Spring 2010

Autumn 2009

*Hunting with next generation ASGRQ october 2009

*Hunting clip october 2009

*Hunting clip Halloween 2009

*Huntig clip novembre 2009

*Hunting clip with Jos Lachance

October 2008

There is also hunting in the spring time, however it is more challenging due to the temperature being milder and the geese maturing and are not regrouping as in the autumn season.  The picture shows good  result in the Spring season.

Spring 2009

SEASONS 2007 & 2008

Next generation