Welcome Hunting & Fishing Guide Marc Harvey

My name is Marc Harvey.  I am passionnately in love with nature and have a lot of experience in hunting and fishing.  Since I was raised on an island, hunting and fishing were always sports of my life.  Whether it was fresh or salt water fishing, hunting the big game animals and specially migratory birds of which I became, with years, a specialist.

Hunting Canada-Geese and Snow-Geese has been for me a passion since I sas young.  Following my father Yves in his foot steps and gathering a whole lot of experience.  It’s been over thirty years now that I have develop my skills in those activities.  Now I want to allow the others to benefit of what I have learned.

It’s been a few years that I am living in the region of the Snow-Geese (country) close to Montmagny, more precisely in the little village of  St-Pierre.  After having studied the movements and habits of the Snow-Geese and Canada-Geese in this region, I set up my base camp in areas where the hunting would yield a good crop of geese.

We must not forget that in our sporting adventures, whether it be hunting and or fishing, we often times leave loved ones behind, like my friend Valerie who participates once and a while in some fishing as is seen in this photo.

But, when we must work as a guide, it is pleasing to know that my friend, Valerie, with all her love, comprehension and patience...  What would I do without her?

Thank you for visiting my web site and I wish you happy fishing and hunting.








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